Yoda voice: “A rest, I need.”

School is finally over. As are other things. Why do I delay these online classes? They are so fun an interesting once I decide to finally do them. (I did all three in a week.)

Fall semester starts in about 12 days. I’m still working as a writer for the health company, as well as for UVSC. I’m also doing some consulting work on the side, and some guitar teaching. Both are fun. Oh, and there’s UVR, too. (See the RSS headlines under the Meebo widget.)

Fall semester, I’ve got: 1) writing internship with Sequel Magazine, 2) IS 3500, in which I will write a short book, 3) pre-capstone, in which I will do my research and initial drafts, 4) sociology. I may also take biology and psychology, then again, I may not. I may reserve those for Spring 07 semester (if the psych teacher will let me).

I’m tired.


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