Global Warning

FOR behold, the people shall exploit the land, yea, and her resources until there shall be none; and the whole face of the land shall be consumed;

2 And the movements of the earth shall be as the roar of a lion; and the depths of the sea shall open up her fury; and the wind shall howl and cry a great storm;

3 For the people upon the land have tempted the sea and have vexed the wind, and have interrupted them in their season, therefore the earth struggleth, and all life struggleth with her;

4 And great wars and terrors and famines and pestilences shall be poured out upon all the nations of the earth, for they shall fight against each other unto the destruction and scattering of all things that walketh thereon;

6 And there shall be a great cry in the land, and the mother shall weep for her son, and the bride shall wander without her bridegroom, and thus shall all nations and tribes be broken up until there are none;

7 For lo, the people shall bring these miseries upon themselves, and unto their woes there shall be no end; for I do not delight in the suffering of my people; nevertheless, they have gone their own way and have forsaken the earth and her treasures, and they do regard her as dross, and not as my own, handmade thing;


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