Book update

It’s like this:

Three years ago, I wrote a book and submitted to a publisher. They evaluated it, and then called me back with their decision. It was accepted!

Soon after that, I moved to New York for work and started communicating with them through email. As the book neared completion, they would ask me for input.

Finally, they sent me what I was told was the final manuscript. I was to look over it and make sure everything was how it was supposed to be.

Well, as I looked through it, I noticed typos. Lots of them. Some of the names of my chapters had been changed, and the title of the book itself had been changed. I was a little alarmed, and I expressed my concerns in a big long email.

Within a few days I received an email stating that the project had been terminated. They didn’t like my attitude. It seemed I had said some things that new writers aren’t supposed to say. I begged, I pleaded, I lost. They sent me a letter of termination.

Three years later, after having done nothing with the book, I contacted the same people who I had worked with before to try begging again. I received this email:

Hi Peter,

BLANK and BLANK are no longer here at BLANK. I too felt bad that your book didn’t make it to the market. I will bring your email to our new products meeting tomorrow and see if there is interest in resurrecting this project.

Well, the response came as a surprise. I decided to follow the way of the Tao and release all desire and expectation. So I wrote back, simply:

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

(I hope that doesn’t sound too enthusiastic. What do you think?) At this point, I started communicating with someone else who informed me from time to time about what they were doing with the book. Specifically I was told that they were trying to find a way to fit it in with their current line up somehow, and that they were looking at budget, how to market it, etc.

Four months after my initial inquiry to see if there was still any interest, I sent an email to see where we stood. (Okay, so I’m not a good Taoist… I couldn’t stand the suspense!) I got this email in reply:

We’re actually at the very tail end of considering this for publication; if you could wait just a little longer, we should have an answer for you soon.

For each book published, they go through a rigorous market testing period including focus groups, volunteer readers, etc. The first time they did this, it took a few months. It looks like they’ve done that again this summer, which is cool, because it means they’ve at least decided to invest its initial stages.

I hope they choose to move forward. Then all of you can buy it for Christmas!


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