Death Penalty

In the news, a woman was caught smuggling heroin into China. She now faces the death penalty. Many Americans think this is wrong. They don’t think China should execute people who aren’t guilty of extreme crimes. Well, there are a lot of Americans who think that the death penalty is just plain wrong — which […]

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Someone at the UVSC paper published something irresponsible. So I responded: I find David Gillespie’s article on Jeffrey Nielsen (the recently fired BYU professor) and Jay Bennish (the Colorado high school teacher recently put on paid leave) misinformed and irresponsible. In Gillespie’s words, professor Nielsen, “wrote an opinion editorial condemning The Church of Jesus Christ […]

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Last year I read "The Lexus and the Olive Tree," by Tom Friedman. I decided I wanted his job: traveling all over the world, meeting leaders, and writing it all up for The New York Times. Now I've decided I'd much rather have Malcolm Gladwell's job: writing my own books, and for The New Yorker when I want to. Anyway, on the right, you'll find some strange things. Feel free to read them. On the left side (below) you'll find my Meebo IM (check it out; it seems new and cool) and some headlines from Utah Valley Review (my other website).

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